Consultation for Organizations

Every organization strives for success and growth, that’s for sure. If you ask me, people are always the ultimate key to success. When people are doing well, they are motivated and have a clear vision of what they are doing together, so the journey toward success is already well under way. By developing the people in your organization you are also developing the business itself.

There are numerous organizational and leadership development issues that affect an organization’s success: trust and psychological safety, organizational learning, interaction and collaboration culture, facilitative leadership, organizational agility and resilience, and well-being at work, to name a few.

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Business Consultation

Develop your business by supporting your people

I’d like to get to know the situation in your organization first and then identify what development initiatives would help your organization move forward.

Development initiatives can be

Strategic consultation

  • Strategy implementation, building management system and/or leadership principles based on values, following the strategic goals and vision
  • Support in change situations like reorganization, acquisitions and growth – how to take people into account

Trainings, Workshops and Coaching

  • Leadership Trainings and Coaching
  • Team and Group Trainings, Workshops
  • Team Building and Development
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Change Management Trainings, Resilience, and Agility
  • Well-Being at Work Trainings and Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution, Arbitrations
  • Customized Facilitation

Psychological Assessment and Resourcing

  • Evaluation / Assessment as part of Recruitment and Reorganization
  • Management Audits / Reviews
  • 360° Feedback

Feel free to contact me – let’s see how I can help your organization.